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2020 Spring Volunteer Bond Information

Cromwell Little League is run by a group of dedicated parents who volunteer as the Board of Directors. It is not run by the Town of Cromwell. As parents and board members, our main goal is to give the youth of Cromwell the best baseball and softball experience possible. As an all-volunteer organization, we need the assistance of other parents to help ensure their children will have a fun-filled, memorable season. To encourage that support, the Board of Directors have implemented a $75 (per family) Volunteer Bond which will be collected at the time of registration.The league is not looking for the money; we are looking for help running league operations.

The Volunteer Bond will be refunded with the hope you will complete the needed service commitment for the season: minimum of 6 hours of volunteer time (per family). There are many ways to help the league and there will be lots of opportunities throughout the season to get your $75 back. Please see the list of Volunteer Opportunities for more details. We are always open to any creative ideas to volunteer, just let us know. 

Refund checks will be distributed that last week of June 27th and 28th and July 11th and 12th. Times TBD. 

Cromwell Little League truly appreciates your support. When everyone does their part to help, it makes a much more enjoyable year.

For answers to frequently asked questions about volunteering, please read our Volunteer FAQ’s.

The following commitments will complete the 6 hours:

  • Board Member-Several open positions for 2020
  • Team Manager 1 per team
  • Team Assistant Coach 3 per team
  • Team Scorekeeper AA and above/ SB minors and above
  • Team Parent 1 per team
  • Team Field Maintenance Lead 1 per team
  • Team Practice Assistant  amount is at the Manager's descretion

  The following commitments will be counted per hour of service:

  • Concessions window help
  • Concessions cook
  • Field prep. and Clean-up
  • Game Coordinator or Adult Base Umpire
  • Scoreboard/Announcer
Special Events
  • Opening Day
  • Tryouts
  • Field Day
  • Playoffs
  • Tournaments
  • All-Stars
  • Clinics
  • Picture Day
  • Fundraising

CLL Board Membership

Our board is always understaffed. If you have any related skills, talents resources that could benefit the Little League experience for the children of our community, please contact our League President at  [email protected]

Please volunteer!  Be involved.  Help us create the magical youth sports experience that we all want for our kids

Volunteer Application Process

The safety and well-being of all participants in the Little League program is paramount. As adults, we want to ensure that the young people playing in the Little League program are able to grow up happy, healthy and above all, safe. Whether they are our children, or the children of others, each of us has a responsibility to protect them.

Only cleared volunteers are allowed to participate in youth practice, game activities, umpiring, etc.

This needs to be completed on an annual basis.

To gain clearance, please send complete the volunteer form below 
with the following information:

*Full Name (Last, First Middle)
 *Volunteer position (e.g., manager, coach, team parent, field maintenance, scorekeeper)
*Team name
 *E-mail adress

Once completed, you will receive an e-mail for a background screening invite from Little League's background screening provider J.D. Palatine (JDP).  The application must be filled out in it's entirety and our Secretary will be notified once your application has been processed.

For information regarding JDP, the provider approved through Little League International, please click on the following link  

For all future season's volunteers will need to fill out a new application.

uestions may be emailed to Joe Fianza our League Secretary.   

Thank you for volunteering,



Volunteer Opportunities

HEAD COACH/ MANAGER – 1 per team
This position is the team lead in charge of team players, assistant coaches, and all communications between the League and parents regarding schedules, changes, rainouts and CLL events. Head coaches instruct players in proper baseball skills, produce player lineups and provide overall player support and encouragement. Head coaches also help secure team parent, team scorekeeper and field maintenance persons (when applicable).

Head Coaches/ Managers are subject to board approval and are not guaranteed a coaching position from year to year.  This position also requires attendance at Manager meetings and possible instructional sessions/coaching clinics.

ASSISTANT COACH – maximum 3 per team
This position assists the Head coach with anything involving team practices, player organization, skill building, game operations, equipment handling, team jersey distribution and general player and team support.  This position also needs to assist the field maintenance person(s) with field setup and break down before and after games.

Assistant Coaches are also subject to board approval and are not guaranteed a coaching position from year to year.  

TEAM PARENT – maximum 1 per team
This position assists the Head Coach and Asst. coaches with parent and team communications and general team support. 

Team parent role also includes: 
-Obtaining and distributing the team roster to parents
-Sending out team communications to parents (re: special events, game or practice changes, parties, etc.)
-Organizing a snack schedule (if agreed by team)
-Planning the team’s end of season party/picnic 
-Organizing and tracking volunteers among the team to help with the above tasks

FIELD MAINTENANCE LEAD -maximum 1 per team
This position will be responsible for maintaining the fields before and after games.  It is beneficial to solicit additional help from team parents as well. 

Duties may include:
-Attend mandatory pre-season Field Maintenance training
-Relay and act as trainer to parents that sign up to help out
-Assist at Field Improvement Days
-Manage and perform pre-game and post-game field maintenance duties 

SCOREKEEPER – maximum 1 per team (AA and above for baseball, Farm and above for softball
This position is required to attend and keep score at each game according to the team schedule.  It is also helpful to solicit additional help from team parents for backup.  However, only the designated team scorekeepers for that team will receive credit for this commitment.
-The Home team must provide the Scorekeeper to keep Official Score Book for that game
-Arrive to field 15 minutes before game time begins
-Bring 2-3 pencils with erasers to each game
-Keep score – track the pitch count, hits, walks and errors
-Have the plate umpire sign the Official Score Book


The Snack Shack is located at Henderson Field. This position works preferably as a team with 2 volunteers per each shift. 
-There should always be at least 1 adult volunteer at the Snack Stand
-Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Concessions
-Duties to include: Selling food and drinks at the counter, and cleanup

CONCESSIONS COOK : 2.5 hour shifts

-This position works preferably as a team with 2 volunteers per each shift. 
-Must be 18 years old
-Maintain the grill and fryer
-Cook burgers,dogs, and fries.
-Depending on the shift may be responsible for startup or shut down
-Training provided

There are a number of special events throughout our Little League season.  This position will act in any number of ways to ensure those events run smoothly. 

CLL Special Events include:
Opening Day
Field Day(s)
Picture day

Approved 2020 Volunteers


Volunteer Application


How many volunteer hours are families required to fulfill to receive the $75 volunteer deposit back?

Families need to complete 6 hours of volunteer service

Who can volunteer for snack shack shifts?

Anyone over the age of 14 can volunteer in the snack shack, however, there cannot be more than 2 people under the age of 18 volunteering in the snack shack at any one time. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the snack shack at any time.

I am not able to complete all of my volunteer hours myself, are there other options?

Yes! Anyone can assist with your volunteer hours for your family- grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, family friends, neighbors. If you do enlist the help of family and friends be sure to let your Team Parent know so they can account for your time.

How can I fulfill my volunteer hours?

There are many options to fulfill your volunteer commitment: team parent, pre-season field prep days, field prep and clean up, Adult Base umpire, scorekeeper, snack shack shifts, tournament assistance, sponsorship, Opening Day , Board of Directors, coaching, etc.

I am not sure how many hours I have completed, who can help me with that?

It is each families responsibility to report any hours worked (activity, day and time/hours worked) to their Team Parent. The Team Parent is responsible to tracking all hours and submitting them to the Volunteer Coordinator at the end of the season.


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